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Staffing and Administration

Connections is a collaborative program between the Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association (PIAA) and the School of Engineering Student Alumni Association (SAA). Volunteers from each organization will work together to promote the program, match student mentees with alumni mentors, monitor the mentor-mentee relationship, track and report on program progress, and ensure the future validity of the Connections program.

The volunteer SAA Mentee Coordinator and the PIAA Mentor Coordinator would work together to:

  • Promote and publicize the Connections program among undergraduate and graduate students by speaking at student organization meetings, distributing information at campus events, and coordinating publicity on social media outlets, campus bulletin board, etc. to recruit student mentees;
  • Promote and publicize the Connections program among alumni by networking with alumni colleagues, and recruiting successful alumni to volunteer to serve as mentors;
  • Coordinate regular meetings to review mentor and mentee applications and match student mentees with alumni mentors;
  • Work with the Office of Alumni Relations to devise a process for monitoring the mentor-mentee relationships through follow-up phone calls and emails to mentors and mentees currently taking part in the program;
  • Serve as a resource and point of contact for the mentors/mentees who are participating in the program. Answer questions, and ensure mentees are making contact with their mentors;
  • Devise, administer and analyze the results of the follow-up survey at the end of the six-month period and propose improvements to the Connections program.

The School of Engineering Office of Alumni Relations will provide basic administrative support, assist with online registration for the program, general marketing and outreach materials, and will work with the PIAA and SAA to feature stories about successful mentor-mentee relationships in Institutional publications and communications.