Sheila Borges Rajguru ,

Assistant Director, Center for K12 STEM Education

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Dr. Borges is the Assistant Director at NYU Tandon Center for K12 STEM Education and oversees all the programs with the Director. She is also co-principal investigator on multiple Multi-Million dollar National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. She oversees and supports over 20 graduate students and postdocs in implementing and researching engineering education while responsible for the professional development of over 100 fellows. Specifically, Dr. Borges is responsible for designing and conducting research in STEM education that focuses on robotics and mechatronics, while writing and securing grants. In addition, she is involved in curriculum design and advising faculty on how to use their science research in engineering, wireless technology, and cybersecurity and implementing it in STEM education. Dr. Borges is also Co-chair and Treasurer of the Association for Science Teacher Education (NE-ASTE). Her dedication to STEM and commitment to issues of diversity makes her an excellent educator and researcher for the 21st century. Her passion is to bring high-quality STEAM education to all and inform policy.