Social Media for Live Events

Tips and Tricks

Planning an event? Don't let social media be an after-thought. Here are some best practices for promoting your event and engaging a live audience. 

Organizing the Event

  1. Set up event registration using a social media solution like Eventbrite or Meetup.
  2. Encourage people to invite their acquaintances to register, too.
  3. Ask registered attendees to share their LinkedIn and Twitter handles when RSVPing.
  4. Vet suppliers and venues using social media reviews on resources like Yelp

Promoting the Event

  1. Create an event listing on, Foursquare, and/or Facebook
  2. Use a hashtag and print it on all event materials, including the backs of the name tags.
  3. Create a promotional image or video (be sure to follow the NYU Visual Identity standards). 
  4. Submit a promotional tweet about your event to the communications team using our social media form.
  5. Ask speakers and honorees to write a promotional post about the event, too.

During the Event

  1. Add the twitter handle of speakers and honorees to the run of show and event program. 
  2. Live-stream the event to reach a global audience (Google Hangout, LiveStream, Ustream). 
  3. Display Twitter walls
  4. Encourage attendees to check-in on social media. 
  5. Provide real-time customer support. 
  6. Get a copy of speeches ahead of time, pull out quotes and schedule them to post during your event.
  7. Retweet people who use your hashtag.
  8. Ask speakers and honorees to post about the event after they arrive. 
  9. Include a spectacle, something people will want to share photos of (for example: a clever backdrop, props, beautiful spaces, inspirational graphics). 
  10. Encourage the audience to submit ideas, photos or questions during the event.

After the Event

  1. Upload the highlights to YouTube.
Share presentations on SlideShare
  3. Write a blog post summarizing event takeaways for Tumblr, HuffPost, etc
  4. Collect photos and showcase your work on Pinterest or Instagram
  5. Collect feedback
 from participants and share it with the event organizers.