Biotechnology, MS 2013 graduate

I graduated from Universidade de Lisboa, in Portugal, and enrolled in NYU-POLY’s Biotechnology MS program with the goal of learning more about applications of biotechnology in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. As soon as the first semester started I realized I had come to the right place!

The core courses are very informative, wide-reaching and always up to date with new technological breakthroughs. Biotechnology & the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biosensors were my favorite courses and also critical in providing the type of information I was looking for. The presence of guest speakers in some classes was very exciting and enlightening, showing us real world applications of what we were studying.

A landmark of my time at NYU-POLY was my internship at the NYU College of Dentistry. Under the supervision of Professor Daniel Malamud I’ve worked for one year on one of his projects related to the anti-HIV activity of a salivary protein. This experience in the lab was a perfect complement to what I was learning in class and a great chance to improve my lab skills. I even had the opportunity of presenting two posters with my results, one of them in the well-known “Greater New York Dental Meeting”.

Overall I think the Biotechnology MS program successfully prepares students for multiple career paths within the industry and academia, which is essential in today’s competitive job market. It has certainly prepared me well for a job at a Drug Development & Marketing consultancy firm in NJ that I am going to join right after graduation.