Sana Altaf - Graduate Student Profile | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Sana Altaf - Graduate Student Profile

Advocating the potential of cities to ignite a modern renaissance, Altaf leverages the connections and creative thinking at the School of Engineering to innovate on behalf of society, media and culture.

Starting with a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and wireless communications, an the School of Engineering graduate class in design thinking inspired Sana Altaf to pursue a MS in Technology Management with a focus in Organizational Behavior. She began mentoring classmates in the design process and turned her interest in activism into a membership with the OpenIDEO Student Chapter, which uses online crowdsourcing to solve social problems.

Encouraged by professors, Sana was accepted from among many applicants into the BrainSwarm project sponsored by the ?WhatIf! global consultancy, solving challenge questions to help media companies connect with millennials. While finishing her masters, she continues to mentor students to reinforce class topics and conducts further research for ?WhatIf!, exploring how workspaces play a role in behavior, innovation and creativity.

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