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VIP Notebooks

Individual documentation expectations for all VIP students

VIP notebooks, whether electronic or hard-copy, allow students to track and document their efforts. In turn, VIP notebooks allow instructors to assess each student's contributions to the team.

Photo of a notebook and a pen


The VIP Notebook should include:

  • Meeting Notes

    • Tracking of items for which you are responsible
    • Deadlines for you, the sub-team, and/or team
  • Technical Notes
    • Designs, sketches, software code, and any other artifacts created for the VIP team

      • Include the artifact itself, or where to find it (e.g., URL to repository)
    • Record and briefly describe important resources (websites, books, people)
    • Your ideas, brainstorming, questions, and general thoughts (even if not developed)

The VIP Notebook should be: 

  • Updated weekly
  • Legible and understandable
  • Organized and labeled, including page titles and dates


The format of the VIP Notebook can vary from team to team. Common formats include:

  • Google Doc with chronological entries
  • Project website with regular blog posts
  • Summary of work submitted as NYU Classes assignment