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Reservations for In-Person Activities

Fall 2020 operations will be primarily virtual, with limited in-person activities.

The VIP Program strongly encourages all VIP teams to conduct operations virtually to the fullest extent possible in Fall 2020. 

For those teams that require in-person activities, read the information below.



Location: 6 MetroTech Center, 1st floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201

As long as the school remains open for in-person courses in Fall 2020, the MakerSpace Lab will be open to serve students. Before going to the MakerSpace, everyone must watch an overview of lab safety operations due to Covid-19, and any new users must also complete orientation training. Read the full MakerSpace Fall 2020 Operational Memo

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - There is a PPE check in station at the front entrance; masks are required and gloves strongly encouraged
    • Disinfecting stations are provided for students to disinfect tools that they use
    • Wipes are available at each machine
  • Reservations for All Stations and Machines - Total capacity is reduced; all chair and table locations are arranged and labeled for social distancing
  • Training - To gain access to a machine in the MakerSpace, students must complete the online training module followed by a one-on-one socially distanced certification on the machine.

Training & Reservations


Location: 325 Gold St., 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (Google Maps

Fall 2020 Hours: Monday - Friday, 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm (not open weekends)

  • Reservations will be used to schedule time in the MakerGarage in two-hour blocks. Each VIP team will be limited to 2 blocks per day (up to 4 hours per day). 
  • Teams must emphasize social distancing when working in group settings on their projects (maximum of 8 members per team at a time).

Training & Reservations

Room Reservations

NYU and the VIP Program strongly recommend virtual meetings. When necessary, VIP students may request a classroom reservation in Jacobs Academic Building for up to two (2) hours. 

All in-person meetings must adhere to posted social distancing signage and the policies outlined below: 

  • Take attendance at time of meeting and submit to the VIP Program
  • Do not serve food.
  • All participants must wear face coverings that cover nose and mouth.
  • Social distancing of 6 ft (2m) must be adhered to.
  • If there are chairs, leave space between chairs and have attendees sit in alternating chairs or rows.
  • Share resources or material electronically before, during, and after the event to avoid items being passed hand-to-hand.

VIP Room Reservation Request Form