Robots are transforming the world in countless ways ... and NYU Tandon researchers are making them smarter and more efficient.

Just a decade ago, most robots could be found on assembly lines, doing dull, repetitive tasks like assembling automotive parts. We’ve come a long way from those simple mechanical arms, with sophisticated artificially intelligent robots now helping surgeons in the operating room, exploring terrains inhospitable for humans, and serving as first responders in treacherous situations.

NYU Tandon faculty members are at the forefront of the robotics field, developing drones that can be controlled by gaze alone, adding haptic capabilities to robotic surgical devices, and pushing the boundaries of autonomous systems. Robots have long held a place in the popular imagination, and we’re helping make those visions a reality — powerfully, precisely, and intelligently. 

Academic programs

From the subway systems beneath our cities to the HD televisions on our walls, innovations by electrical engineers touch every aspect of modern life, but new challenges await the electrical engineers of tomorrow.
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Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering are both extremely pertinent in today's high technology and global world, and this program gives students opportunities to garner knowledge from both disciplines.
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Mechanical engineering builds the physical systems and devices that define modern society — everything from air conditioning to automobiles, robots to power plants, artificial limbs to escalators.
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Biomedical engineering, a multi-disciplinary field, is behind some of the most important medical breakthroughs today, and has significantly contributed to improved health care and quality of life.
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The headphones around your neck, the turn signal in your car, in fact, all electronic devices — each of these was made possible by an electrical engineer.
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Mechanical engineering builds the physical systems and devices that define modern society — everything from air conditioning to automobiles, robots to power plants, artificial limbs to escalators.
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Recognizing the challenges and opportunities inherent in interdisciplinary education, the M.S. in Mechatronics and Robotics engages its students in hands-on engineering education, engineering research, and creative and entrepreneurial explorations.
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The Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering program is filled with students and faculty who prize the School of Engineering's emphasis on invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship through top-flight laboratories and a fierce dedication to advanced research.
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Our Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering program offers a balanced curriculum that emphasizes the principles behind designs and approaches, and we make computational and research experience an integral component of your studies.
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Research Labs and Groups

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two drones flying in sync

Agile Robotics and Perception Lab

The agile robotics and perception lab performs fundamental and applied research in the area of robotics autonomy. The main mission of the lab is to create agile autonomous machines that can navigate all by themselves using only onboard sensors such as in unstructured, and dynamically changing environments and without relying on external infrastructure, such as GPS or motion capture systems.

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Dynamical Systems Laboratory

The Dynamical Systems Laboratory conducts fundamental research in the broad field of modeling and control of complex systems with specialized expertise in multiphysics modeling and marine applications of advanced/multifunctional materials. Activities span applied mathematics, design and fabrication of novel hardware, and advanced computation and experimentation.

walking robot

Machines in Motion

We try to understand the fundamental principles for robot locomotion and manipulation that will endow robots with the robustness and adaptability necessary to efficiently and autonomously act in an unknown and changing environment.


Mechatronics Laboratory

The Mechatronics Lab is a synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, control theory, computer science, and electronics to manage complexity, uncertainty, and communication in engineered systems.

K12 STEM Robotics Programs