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AI & Local News Initiative Partners



The Associated Press has launched an AI readiness scorecard for local US newsrooms. The survey gauges local markets’ ability and interest in adopting new tools and technologies throughout the news operation. The AP will then assess, produce a report and develop a course in early 2022.

Editors, publishers, news directors, GMs or technologists in local US newsrooms are invited to participate in the project, and can indicate interest here:

Local NewsLAb

The Brown Institute's Local News Lab will devise and deploy trials to test data and AI-informed approaches that enhance revenue-generating user engagement with up to 15 local news organizations.

NYC Media Lab

NYC Media Lab, a consortium of universities, media companies and corporations housed at New York University, will cultivate the community of AI practitioners to share best practices and manage an AI and local news collaborative “product challenge” to drive innovation.

Partnership on AI

Partnership on AI (PAI) will develop ethical standards and best practices for the responsible use of Artificial intelligence in local journalism. As a multi-stakeholder convener, PAI will address critical questions around what constitutes local news, the myriad stakeholders implicated in the sustainability of local news, and how each stakeholder understands the challenge of ethical news production and distribution in practice.

Sponsored by Knight Foundation

For more than a decade, Knight Foundation has supported the acceleration of digital transformation and the smart application of technology in the news industry. Knight Foundation aims to apply and adopt proven technology to improve the sustainability of journalism by providing local new organizations with access to technology solutions, experts and training.