Research Areas

NYU Civil and Urban engineering Faculty have been active in a wide range of research areas, including: construction, environmental, geotechnical, materials, structural, and transportation engineering.  Recent research thrusts also include urban informatics , resiliency, and urban infrastructure systems. 

Centers and Labs

NYU Civil and Urban Engineering department  hosts a number of research centers and faculty labs.  Research project and software resources web sites are also included in this page.  

Faculty Books

NYU Civil and Urban Engineering faculty have been prolithic.  The Faculty books cover a wide range of civil engineering topics, especially geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, and engineering pedagodgy.  This page provides links to the publishers' official book pages as well as book downloads where copyright permits so.

Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications page provides an opportunity to explore our faculty’s most recent publications. The publications listed in this page are automatically generated using an RSS feed of the most recent 15 publications indexed by Scopus, for each Civil and Urban Engineering faculty member.