The Poly Project

What is The Poly Project?

The Poly Project provides regular and sustained opportunities for Tandon students to engage in community service. Our objective is to provide students school-led service opportunities as well as resources to help members of the Tandon community find other service opportunities that interest them.

Who are we?

The Poly Project is based out of the Office of Student Activities and led by a group of student Service Ambassadors who are dedicated to making service opportunities more readily available and visible here at the School of Engineering.

How can The Poly Project work with your department or club?

There are several ways that you and your office can get involved with The Poly Project:

  • Promote our service opportunities and we will promote yours: The Poly Project not only creates our own service opportunities, we promote other service opportunities going on at Tandon, NYU, New York City, and abroad. Send us your service opportunities and we will post them on our website and include them on our soon to come newsletter.
  • Partner with us in hosting a service opportunity: Teamwork makes the dream work! Do you, your office, or your club have an idea but aren’t sure where to start? Contact us at for help in developing a service experience.
  • Recommend students for Service Ambassadors: Know a great student who is passionate about service? Encourage them to attend a Poly Project service outing or apply for a Service Ambassador position. Applications are open at the beginning and end of every academic year!

For more information please visit our NYU Engage page, email, or call (646) 997-3800