Peter Carr

  • Finance and Risk Engineering Department Chair (deceased)



The entire NYU Tandon community mourns the passing of Peter Carr, the beloved chair of the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering and a highly-regarded researcher.

In Memoriam    Remembering Peter Carr

For the last 5 years, Dr. Peter Carr has been the Chair of the Finance and Risk Engineering Department at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Prior to that, he headed various quant groups in the financial industry for twenty years. He also presently serves as a director for the Society of Quantitative Analysts (SQA) and a trustee for the National Museum of Mathematics, and WorldQuant University. Prior to joining the financial industry, Dr. Carr was a finance professor for 8 years at Cornell University, after obtaining his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1989. He has over 85 publications in academic and industry-oriented journals and serves as an associate editor for 8 journals related to mathematical finance. He was selected as Quant of the Year by Risk Magazine in 2003 and Financial Engineer of the Year by IAQF/Sungard in 2010. From 2011 to 2014, Dr. Carr was included in Institutional Investor's Tech 50, an annual listing of the 50 most influential people in financial technology.

In the five years, Dr. Carr has been FRE Department Chair, applications for the MS in Financial Engineering program increased from 1,300 per year to 1,979 per year. For the 2019 class, the quant GRE was 169.2/170 and the GPA was 3.85. Additionally, FRE climbed seven positions over the last four years in QuantNet rankings, an online summer course was initiated two summers ago and an on-campus boot camp was initiated in the summer of 2018, and six electives on machine learning in finance were introduced.

University of Toronto 1981
Com, Accounting/Economics

University of Toronto 1983
MBA, Accounting/Finance

University of California, 1989
PhD, Finance

Banc of America Securities
From: January 1999 to May 2001

NYU Courant Institute
Director Masters MF Program
From: June 2003 to May 2016

Bloomberg LP
Head of Quantitative Financial Research
From: May 2003 to March 2010

Morgan Stanley
Global Head of Market Modeling
From: April 2010 to April 2016

Journal publications:

Book publications:

Co-organized Conferences

Conference Presentations

  • Dupire 60th Birthday conference, November 24-28, 2018
  • Fields Institute 25th Anniversary, October 25, 2018
  • Bachelier Congress, July 16-20, 2018
  • Risk Management and Trading Conference, June 20-23, 2018
  • Bloomberg lightning talk May 24, 2018: Are you a Trader or a Quant?
  • Quant Minds International/ICBI, May 15, 2018
  • GARP 19th Risk Convention, March 6-7, 2018 NYC
  • IPAM Concluding Conference Lake Arrowhead, December 9, 2017
  • FMA Keynote Address, November 10, 2017
  • Global Derivatives USA, Risk, November 17, 2017
  • Risk Management and Trading Conference, June 21-24, 2017