Parvez, Biotechnology, MS 2013 graduate

When I began the M.S. in Biotechnology program in the fall of 2012, it was the first time in years that I was a full-time student.  After earning my B.S. in Biological Sciences in California, I worked for 3 years in a laboratory at a biotechnology production company.  During that time, I discovered how much I enjoyed the concepts of biotechnology and the life-changing applications it can achieve.  This is what led me to pursue my Master’s in the field.

After looking at many different schools, I chose to do my education at NYU-Poly because of their focus on current research in the field and strong emphasis on innovation.  What was especially great was many of the classes in the program involved developing your own research and product ideas.  In this way, NYU-Poly provided an excellent environment for critical thinking and challenged students to brainstorm outside the box, both vital tools in biotechnology.  The professors and teaching staff were always very supportive as well, encouraging students to not only develop these ideas for class, but also put them into action in the real world.  Additionally, the core curriculum of the program produced a strong foundation of my knowledge of the concepts and theories used in biotechnology, while the wide range of elective courses offered allowed me to apply those ideas towards my professional endeavors of oncology research.  Core classes, such as Biotechnology & the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biosensors & Biochips, gave me a true understanding of the complexity of the field and its incredible applications.  All the while, electives such as Genetic Engineering and Advanced Molecular Biology taught me new skills applicable to my passion for research.

My education from NYU-Poly has opened many doors for me and presented me with multiple new opportunities.  During the program, I interned at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where I was first able apply my new insights to on-going research.  After completing the program, I obtained an amazing position at Pfizer in their oncology drug development laboratory.  It is because of the Biotechnology program at NYU-Poly that I am equipped with the knowledge and skill set necessary to readily enter the pharmaceutical industry and produce research that will make a difference.