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Biotechnology is a swiftly growing industry. From the food grown at our farms to the medicine we buy and the ways we clean up the environment, biotechnology affects many facets of our daily lives. Major developments in the field occur more rapidly every day, with many introduced by academic and professional communities well before the greater public has even been made aware of advancements in the industry.

At the School of Engineering, you’ll join in these exciting discoveries. Our flexible course schedules mean you can study full- or part-time — we even offer a fast-track program that lets you complete the degree in 12 months. However you structure your time at the School of Engineering, you can be sure you’ll receive an exceptional education and many opportunities to capitalize on professional and scholarly victories.

Goals and Objectives

Our primary goal with the MS in Biotechnology program is to expand your knowledge and experience beyond the undergraduate level. We’ve designed the program to ensure you have a broad and comprehensive understanding of the field: we introduce established biotechnologies, as well as emerging sectors of the industry. We offer varied core course selections that range from the industrial application of enzymes and biopolymer synthesis to drug design and the role biotechnology plays in health care. Numerous electives allow you to focus on special topics in the industry, and a guided-study program aims to strengthen your analytical skills. We further train you so that you can perform at the mid-managerial level of any biotechnology business or those related to the life sciences.