Periwinkle Doerfler

  • Ph.D. Candidate

Photo of Periwinkle Doerfler

Hometown: La Crosse, Wisconsin

After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Periwinkle Doerfler came to New York City to embark on a Ph.D. program in computer science. She chose to pursue this degree at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering because of the exceptional opportunities it would afford her.

Periwinkle’s focus is on cyber security, a vital and growing field. She has been conducting extensive research in her areas of interest, and has co-authored several articles with professors at NYU Tandon, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of California at San Diego. Periwinkle is exploring topics at the forefront of the cyber security world, including bitcoin and human trafficking and detecting and characterizing doxing.

Recognizing the importance of hands-on experiences and making corporate connections, Periwinkle completed a summer internship with Google on the Security, Privacy and Abuse research team. “Being in New York City is amazing,” she says, “and is definitely a huge bonus in a field like cyber security, where industry is just as important as academia. Having ready access to industry events, networking, and internships is really helpful for career prospects.”

Periwinkle also takes advantage of all the resources to which she has access as a student at NYU Tandon. This includes the Center for Cybersecurity, comprised of a uniquely talented group of professors and students who collaborate across departments and between schools at NYU. “There are countless opportunities to hear lectures from experts, take seminars from industry leaders, and get involved in research,” she says. “Plus, security is just a cool space to be in.”