• A mobile app that connects women with similar commutes, in order to increase safety when traveling

Safer Together Innovators

The Team:

Brittany Kendrick, Aida Mehovic, Camila Morocho, and Emily Muggleton

The Story:

The auto manufacturer Audi, which employs the hashtag #driveprogress, has made a practice of encouraging young women to enter the STEM fields, and in October 2017, in partnership with NYU Tandon, they sponsored a challenge at the school. During the event, which was presented by Forbes, Tandon’s female students were tasked with developing ways to ensure that reliable, safe, and affordable transportation options were available to women and girls in underserved communities.

The winning team, which presented a compelling seven-minute pitch of their idea to the judges, conceived of a mobile app that would connect women with similar commutes so that they had traveling companions. Cleverly called TogetHer, the app won the team the first-ever Audi Drive Progress Grant of $50,000 in scholarships.