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Optimize your future

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers find the most effective way to turn the basic factors of production — people, materials, machines, time, energy, and money — into almost every product and service we consume. The best engineers are adept not only at managing employees and technology but also at optimizing the organization of a business. That’s why, at the School of Engineering, we ask our students to take the unique approach of examining relationships rather than components. The MS in Industrial Engineering program teaches you to search for similarities in concepts, laws, and models across disciplines. From there, it’s up to you to adapt, integrate, and exploit these similarities in innovative ways.

Professional Opportunities

As a graduate, you will be able to employ your management techniques across a wide range of sectors: finance, government, construction, and health care. You will be prepared for a position in such industries as manufacturing, warehousing, and information processing.

Goals and Objectives

The main goals of our MS program in Industrial Engineering are for you to:

  • Develop and apply a systems viewpoint to the supply of products and services;
  • Possess the skills to allocate resources optimally and efficiently;
  • Become adept at investigating problems to suggest improvements in productivity and competitiveness;
  • Be familiar with the tools of analytic modeling, system simulation, queuing systems, work and facilities design, as well as quality management and control; and
  • Acquire the decision-making abilities to move from analyzing and designing productive systems to managing those systems.

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