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NYU-Poly’s Web and Media Services department launched NYU-Poly’s brand new web site today, September 1. For over a year, we worked with representatives from every major NYU-Poly constituency and outside agencies to develop the site.

Our objectives for the new site are numerous — from increasing enrolment to facilitating industry-research partnerships. Primarily though, we want the site to simply look and feel better than any other academic web site and to present information as clearly as possible.

What We’re Most Proud Of

What We’ll Be Working on Next

What first-time visitors to the site see is just the beginning of the new Still to come:

  • Comprehensive curriculum information for academic programs
  • Integrated groups site where users can create online communities for their on-the-ground activities

What do you think?

If you’re a member of the NYU-Poly community, or just passing through as you consider where you want to attend college or graduate school, we want to know what you think of the new What features do you like? What suggestions do you have for improvements? E-mail us with your thoughts.

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Web and Media Services