"I graduated from Nirma University in India and came to the U.S. with the hope of contributing to biomedical research. Since childhood I have always dreamed of a career in science and enrolling in the Biotechnology MS at the School of Engineering was the first step on the path to fulfilling my dream.

The BT core courses were wide-reaching and covered many new technology fields. I found Biotechnology & Healthcare, Protein Engineering, Tissue Engineering, and Biosensors the most fascinating classes. These were supplemented with a choice of electives, such as Advanced Molecular Biology, Bioanalytical Chemistry and Drug Delivery. Engaging lectures by the School of Engineering professors and guest speakers brought the information from the text to life. Learning in the classroom was fun, but it was the practical application of knowledge that made me feel fruitful and worthy in the scientific community. During my study I opted for an internship at Oligomerix, a Biopharmaceutical company, where I on high throughput screening assay development and biomarkers for Alzheimer. I also interned in the Protein Engineering lab of Professor Jin Monclare at the School of Engineering. An outcome of this research and a personal highlight of my study was publishing my first peer-reviewed paper in 2009. This paved the way for my successful application to a PhD program at SUNY Downstate Medical center where I am now a graduate student.

With the support and resources of the School of Engineering, I was able to fulfill my dreams."