MOT Formats

Executive Format

The department also offers the MOT program in an executive format (eMOT) with classes held on a biweekly basis. This eMOT format, focuses on students with more professional experience, and is characterized by having cohort groups that facilitate student networking and intensified teamwork. A unique coaching and mentoring program that includes individual and group meetings with a coach/mentor will enhance and complete your academic experience.

The executive format (eMOT) is designed for experienced professionals who seek to learn about the latest thinking and best practices in business and technology management and innovation. The eMOT format provides a cohort group educational experience that emphasizes student networking and intensified teamwork. All participants enter at the same time and take many of their courses together, except when they select electives. Classes are held every other week on Thursday evenings and all day Saturday at our easily accessible NYU Brooklyn campus located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. An all-inclusive fee covers tuition and fees, textbooks and other educational material, and special tutorials and lectures by highly qualified NYC metropolitan area business and technology leaders. Meals on class days are also included and students taking at least 6 credits in a semester may, with the permission of the Program Director, audit one additional the School of Engineering graduate course in that semester for free. This program is offered for both full-time and part-time students.

Evening Full-time and Part Time Format

The Evening Full-time and Part-time MOT format is catered for recent graduates who have less than five years professional work experience or for busy professionals, all requiring the ultimate in flexibility of obtaining the MOT degree in an evening format (where classes are held Monday through Thursday, with some courses available on Saturdays). The curriculum of the Full-time and Part-time MOT format mirrors that of the Executive MOT program in scope, depth and content. When taken full-time at 12 credits per semester, the degree can be completed in one year.

On-Line Format

The On-line MOT format is strictly offered in a pure on-line internet delivery form (no-in class attendance). It is designed for those professionals who cannot physically attend class due to personal preference, geographical constraints, or work reasons. The curriculum of the Online MOT format mirrors that of the MOT program in scope, depth and content. However, it has been modified to provide delivery on-line.

The On-line MOT format also features four newly designed MOT Concentrations in: Operations and Project Management, Cyber Security, Human Resource Information Systems and Human Capital Engineering and Analytics.

See more information on the specialized On-Line MOT Curriculum

Format Features and Benefits

  • Apply best practices in leadership, innovation, quantitative analysis, and business and technology management
  • An emphasis on people, process and tools to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Active involvement with highly respected faculty
  • More agility in handling day-to-day challenges at work
  • Modern learning methods, e.g. individualized and team-based coaching
  • Carefully selected elective courses to maintain flexibility in meeting diverse professional needs
  • A professional, modern, and informal learning environment
  • Close collaboration with respected partners in industry and relevant scholarly communities
  • A curriculum that is continually updated
  • Participants are viewed as partners in the learning process