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Lynford Lecture Series

Each year, the School of Engineering's Lynford Lecture features a prominent thinker who explains complex information and important ideas with clarity and concision. The series is made possible by Tondra and Jeffrey Lynford and the School of Engineering's Institute for Mathematics and Advanced Supercomputing (IMAS). Mr. Lynford is Vice Chairman of the School of Engineering Board of Trustees, Trustee of New York University, Commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and President of Educational Housing Services. The Lynfords were instrumental in bringing IMAS Co-Directors Drs. David and Gregory Chudnovsky to the School of Engineering.

Bonnie Bassler

Professor and Chair of Molecular Biology at Princeton University

17th Annual Lynford Lecture, October 2016

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Eric Schadt

Mathematician and Computational Biologist

16th Annual Lynford Lecture, March 2015

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Judea Pearl

Winner of the ACM Turing Award, the highest distinction in computer science

15th Annual Lynford Lecture, November 2013

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Daniel Kahneman

Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences

14th Annual Lynford Lecture, March 2012

Myron Scholes

Nobel Laureate and Co-originator of the Black-Scholes options pricing model

13th Annual Lynford Lecture, April 2010

Frances Allen

IBM Fellow Emerita

"The Challenge of the Multicores"
12th Annual Lynford Lecture, November 2009

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Jeremy Grantham,

Chairman and Co-Founder, GMO

"Career Risk and Bubbles Breaking: That's all That Matters"
11th Annual Lynford Lecture, December 2008

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Lt. Gen. Robert J. Elder, Jr.

Commander, 8th Air Force and Joint Functional Component Commander For Global Strike and Integration, U.S. Strategic Command

"The Strategic Imperative for Cyber Defense"
10th Annual Lynford Lecture, November 2007

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Robert Metcalfe

Inventor of Ethernet

"Ethernet Is the Answer? What Is the Question?"
9th Annual Lynford Lecture, December 2006

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John L. Petersen

President and Founder of The Arlington Institute (TAI)

"What To Do about the Future We’re about To Get"
8th Annual Lynford Lecture, April 2006

Sen. Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senator, New York State

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Dr. Richard L. Garwin

Top American Nuclear Scientist

"Space Weapons: Good for Us or Bad?"
7th Annual Lynford Lecture, November 2004

Gerald M. Rubin

Genome Sequence Pioneer

"Computational and Experimental Approaches for Annotating the Drosophila Genome Sequence"
6th Annual Lynford Lecture, October 2003

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Dr. Robert A. Mundell,

1999 Nobel Laureate for Economics

"Domestic and Global Economic Issues"
5th Annual Lynford Lecture, October 2002

Alan Kay

Pioneer of the Modern Personal Computer

"The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet!"
4th Annual Lynford Lecture, October 2001

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Bill Joy

Co-founder, Chief Scientist and Corporate Executive Officer, Sun Microsystems Inc.

"The Promise and Challenge of Technology in the 21st Century"
3rd Annual Lynford Lecture, October 2000

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Dr. J. Craig Venter, PhD

President, CSO, Celera Genomics

"Decoding the Human Genome"
2nd Annual Lynford Lecture, October 1999

Ed Witten

Professor of Physics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ

"Adventures in the Quest for Unification"
Inaugural Lynford Lecture, September 1998