Locker Rentals

By signing the locker agreement upon rental, the renter signifies that s/he has read the rights and responsibilities of locker rental as contained in this agreement form and agrees to abide by them.

The renter will:

  • Use only the locker assigned to him/her
  • Use the locker only for the storage of personal property
  • Provide a suitable lock (the lock may not protrude from the lock inset)
  • Be responsible for keeping the locker clean and odor-free
  • Report any malfunctions, vandalism or mechanical problems to the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center at or come to the Student Activities office in LC 221.
  • Empty the locker on or before the ending dates: an email will be sent out notifying all renters as well as note posted on each locker.
  • Notify the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center before vacating a locker
  • Due to limited availability, all locker assignments are FINAL, please choose your locker carefully!!!

The renter will NOT:

  • Store chemicals, weapons, animals or perishable food in the locker
  • Attach any stickers, signs, marks, or in any way deface the locker
  • Make any alterations and/or modifications of any kind to the locker
  • Transfer possession, or assign use, of the locker to anyone else
  • Tamper with or adversely affect any surrounding lockers

The School of Engineering, the Office of Student Affairs, and Office of Student Activities and Resource Center are not responsible for any theft or damage to the lock or any personal property in the locker. Any theft or vandalism should be reported to Campus Security AND the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center. No compensation will be given for stolen or damaged items.

The locker rental fee is non-refundable. The rental fee must be paid through the Office of Student Activities and Resource Center. The School reserves the right to bill your student account for any damage or cleaning charges due to misuse or abuse of the locker. Additionally, you may be subject to disciplinary action outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Items left in lockers past the agreement end date will be discarded or recycled. We reserve the right to clip the lock and remove the contents from the locker if agreement end date is exceeded or if we suspect any hazardous materials within the locker. The agreement end date is listed above. Notice of agreement end dates will be e-mailed to you at your Institute account provided you have supplied a correct e-mail address. No compensation will be given for discarded or recycled items.

Locker renters can renew their rental each semester provided that they remain enrolled, have not violated any provisions of this agreement and renew before posted deadlines. No guarantee in receiving the same locker from previous semester or year.