Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is eSuite?

A. eSuite (NYU Electronic Suite) allows you to review your NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering tuition statements online and make electronic check payments toward your student account. back to top

Q. How will I know when my bill is available?

A. An e-mail will be sent to your official NYU e-mail address each time a bill is available. It may also be sent to an additional designated user’s e-mail address if you have provided one on eSuite. back to top

Q. How do I view my electronic bill?

Access eSuite:
Students can access their eSuite account via a single sign-on:

1. Log onto the Albert Student Center using the NYU Net ID and Password. 

2. Click the ACADEMICS tab, then click ALBERT LOGIN

3. Click the STUDENT CENTER link

4. Once in the Albert Student Center, click on the “View Bursar Account” link located under the "FINANCES" menu.  This will link to the secure eSuite website. Students can also invite parents/authorized users to access your eSuite account (see instructions).


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    Q. How can my parent(s) or someone else I designate view my electronic bill?

    A. You can designate additional authorized users (such as parents) access to your billing statements by following these steps:

    1. Log in to the eSuite and select Parents Pins
    2. Enter your parent’s or other authorized user’s e-mail address. (You can also create a login ID and password so your parent/authorized user can log in on their own.) Parents will then receive an e-mail notification every time a new billing statement is available. back to top

    Q. Why are paper bills being replaced?

    A. NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering has decided to implement electronic billing to enhance student customer service. Electronic billing provides both students and parents with a fast and efficient way to view charges on their student accounts online. The School of Engineering researched and surveyed other institutions before deciding to switch to electronic billing and found high levels of customer satisfaction from students/parents using electronic billing.

    In addition, several Polytechnic applications and processes are already paperless or electronic and e-mail and web-based services have become primary ways to communicate on campus and throughout the world. Electronic billing continues this initiative.

    the School of Engineering online services currently include:

    • registering for courses
    • viewing course schedules
    • obtaining grades
    • viewing a course information
    • viewing financial aid information back to top

    Q. Do I have to be on electronic billing?

    A. Yes. NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering has designated electronic billing as the official means of generating tuition statements. Paper statements stopped being mailed on January 19, 2010 and all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students now receive electronic bills.

    Each time a bill is available, an e-mail is sent to your official NYU e-mail address. It may also be sent to an additional authorized user’s e-mail address if you have provided one on the eSuite. back to top

    Q. How do I print a paper copy of my bill?

    A. You can print and distribute hard copies of your tuition bill for family members or other payers assisting with tuition payment by logging into your account and printing a copy of your bill either on your personal printer or on a printer in one of the School of Engineering's campus computer labs. back to top

    Q. What is an Electronic Check (E-Check or ACH)?

    A. An e-check is a payment that you make directly from your bank account.

    Just like a regular check, e-check is a way to pay with your bank account. Paying your bill by an electronic check will initiate the transfer of funds from your bank account within one business day. This service is free of cost.
    To send an e-check, just access your eSuite account.

    Please have the following information available before you proceed:

    Student identification number
    Amount due
    Check Information
    Bank Routing Number (the nine digit number between the two colons on the bottom left of your check)
    Checking account number back to top

    Q.Where do I find the information I will need to make a payment by e-check or ACH?

    A. The information you will need to complete an e-check or ACH payment is located on the front of a personal check, please view the sample check for reference. You may also contact your personal banking institution for the information. back to top.

    Q.What are the benefits of paying with an electronic check (e-check or ACH)?

    A. 24/7 available access: You can pay your bill online from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Convenience: No waiting on lines, no stamps, no licking the envelope.
    Reliable and Faster: Your payments are applied to your account faster, eliminating the 3 to 10 day check mailing time.
    Security: E-check is safe and secure. Your check cannot become lost or stolen.
    Avoid Late Fees: Bypass late fees, by e-checking your tuition and fees payments.. back to top


    Q. Is there a fee for making electronic check (ACH) payments?

    A. No. There is no fee when paying with electronic checks. back to top

    Q.What is changing?

    A. Beginning December 1, 2010, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering will not accept payment by credit card for charges on the student bill. Students and families can continue to use the third party vendor service to pay for fall semester charges through and including November 30, 2010. back to top

    Q. Why will NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering no longer accept payment by credit card for charges on the student bill through an outside vendor?

    A. Through discussion with the providers of this service within the last few months, the interpretation of New York State law made it clear that a “convenience fee” could not be added to credit card transactions. NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering will, therefore, no longer utilize the “convenience fee model” for the payment of charges on the student bill. Our conversations with a number of New York State universities indicate they are doing the same. back to top

    Q. Is NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering making this change to save money?

    A. No. The convenience fee added to credit card transactions by the third party vendor service is retained by them. NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering receives no portion of the fee. back to top

    Q. Why can't the School of Engineering accept credit cards directly?

    A. Organizations that accept credit cards as a method of payment for goods and services are charged an “interchange fee” by credit card providers. This is separate and apart from any interest or finance charges that cardholder’s pay when carrying a balance on the card. When NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering accepted credit cards directly these fees became cost prohibitive. back to top

    Q. This change will affect my ability to pay my student bill. What can I do?

    A. NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering offers several payment plans to assist in either budgeting or financing your education. For additional information, please visit our website: back to top

    You may also contact the Office of Financial Aid at (212) 998-4444,, or visit the office in 201 Dibner Building. While NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering cannot guarantee additional funding, there may be other options or resources available to you that you may not have considered or of which you are not aware. Financial Aid counselors are available to guide you through the process. back to top