We identified several benefits for our students and their families when deciding to switch to eSuite our electronic billing system:

Convenience, Speed, Ease

Students and designated individuals, such as parents, can view their bill from a secure site — from any location worldwide, day or night.

Receive New Statements by E-mail

Students and designated users receive an e-mail notifying them when a new monthly bill is available.

View, Pay, Track

When logged into eSuite, students and designated users can:

  • view a tuition bill
  • pay tuition bills automatically with an e-check
  • track 12 months of previous statements 
  • print a copy of a billing statement
  • save a copy of a billing statement

Access for Parents and Authorized Users

Students can go to eSuite to designate parents or other users to receive an invitation to receive a notice when a new bill is available. Parents/designated users will also receive an email instructing them on how to create a personal login and password to access tuition bills.


Electronic bills cannot be lost or stolen. Billing notification is always sent to the student's Polytechnic student e-mail account (and a designated user if the student elects one), which requires login and password protocol.

Environmentally Friendlier

Electronic billing allows both NYU and its students to use less paper.