NYU Electronic Suite

NYU Electronic Suite (eSuite) for eBills, eChecks, eRefunds and payment plans

eSuite is an integrated eBill and eCheck web portal, which provides students and their invited parents/authorized users with the following services:

Access eSuite:

Students can access their eSuite account via a single sign-on:

  1. Log onto the Albert Student Center using the NYU Net ID and Password. 
  2. Click the ACADEMICS tab, then click ALBERT LOGIN
  3. Click the STUDENT CENTER link

4. Once in the Albert Student Center, click on the “View Bursar Account” link located under the "FINANCES" menu.  This will link to the secure eSuite website. Students can also invite parents/authorized users to access your eSuite account (see instructions).


Email Notification:

eSuite is the official means of generating tuition bills.  Each time a bill is generated, you are notified at your NYUHome email address (netid@nyu.edu); the eBill notification will ONLY be sent to this address and to your invited parents/authorized users. 

Current Activity Information:

*Please Note: The Electronic bill is a monthly billing statement, and you will only receive an Electronic bill if you have a balance on your account. If you recently registered for additional courses, the account charges may not be reflected on your Electronic bill. It will be reflected in your next Electronic bill, if you have an outstanding balance.

*However students and parents can view real-time account activity through the eSuite:

  • "View Activity" (found under the My Account tab), or
  • Account Activity since your Last Statement (found under the eBill tab)