Rahul Tiwari

  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer at TRILL Labs Inc.

Rahul Tiwari


Can you tell us about your venture?

Started my own startup at NYU and got funded by XRC Labs . TRILL is a Marketplace for Global Independent Streetwear Designers. Within 8 months of active operation, TRILL went from 6 users in a Dorm room to now 300k users globally. And is changing the way the youth discovers streetwear. I am the CEO & Founder at TRILL and built TRILL on my own. Now, we are a team of 20 people working on making Streetwear as accessible as running water.


What was your favorite part?

Working & Exploring such unique global designers and understanding their take on the world. Moreover, now serving 300k users and making their lives easier by connecting them with affordable & unique streetwear.


Did anyone help you on your entrepreneurial journey?

Steven Kuyan, MD @ NYU FutureLabs also helped us initially to start the business.