Introducing NYU Classes | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Introducing NYU Classes

Faculty, Staff and Students:

Last year, NYU transitioned from Blackboard to an open source Sakai CLE 2.8 (Collaborative Learning
Environment) platform.  The new Sakai-powered service, called NYU Classes is similar to Blackboard.  It
allows faculty to post course materials including syllabi and readings, and facilitates collaborative
discussion boards and interaction between faculty and students in courses.

This transition allows for more flexibility to further develop and customize the learning management
system to suit our needs.  It also provides an open framework to integrate other important tools to
support teaching and learning at NYU.

Next summer, NYU-Poly will also be transitioning to NYU-Classes.  This decision was made to ensure the
consistency in experience for both faculty and students throughout the NYU schools.  In order to provide
a seamless transition, we have been working with the NYU Classes team to incorporate the features that
are heavily used here and new ones that will benefit you.

In Spring 2014, the plan is to have a small group of courses using NYU Classes, followed by all courses
offered during the Summer Sessions.  The transition will be complete in Fall 2014.  

A variety of training and support options for faculty, staff, and students will be offered throughout the
process.  Additional updates on this transition will be posted on our Merger site.