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2020 - 2021 Academic Year Update

These unprecedented times have called for unprecedented measures. That includes a complete re-imagination of the Tandon experience for the 2020-2021 academic year to deliver extraordinary flexibility in terms of how you study, where you study, and when you study — NYU Tandon, your way.

NYU Tandon students talking on campus

Fall 2020

While we are planning for courses to resume on campus in the fall, we know that may not be realistic for all students. Our new and returning undergraduate and graduate students will have the choice of four pathways to fall 2020 to accommodate different scenarios:

New York Start Begin fall on the Tandon campus
Late Arrival Start remotely and arrive on campus when it is possible based on your specific circumstances
All Remote Take classes from wherever you are via asynchronous and synchronous remote instruction depending on the department and program
Study at a global NYU or partner site Study at another global NYU or partner site that you live near via a mix of in-person or remote instruction — depending on the department, program, and location — as long as you hold citizenship or residency rights in the country that is home to that location.

Departments and Programs

In Albert, you will see three different available course instruction modes:

  • In-person indicates that class is in-person with regularly scheduled meetings at the course’s home campus or global site. All enrolled students may attend every class.
  • Blended indicates that the class is partially in-person with rotation of in-person and remote online attendance. In most cases, students will meet in-person once every two classes, barring exceptional circumstances.
  • Online indicates that the section is completely remote and there is no physical or in-person component. Note that, under the course section, you may see notations like INET or REMT. For both of these notations, the Course Instruction Mode is Online, and you may choose either one. If you are sure that you will want to attend any of your courses online, then please select a section that is indicated as INET or REMT if they exist for that course. This will help us determine how many will meet in-person for each course.

To be as accommodating as possible in response to each student’s unique circumstances relating to COVID-19, you will have the option to take any of your Fall 2020 courses on a fully remote and asynchronous basis, even if you choose a course that mentions in-person meeting times.

  • Synchronous means that courses are held remotely at a specific time, and are taught in real-time to allow for dynamic interactions.
  • Asynchronous means that course materials are accessible to download/view on your own time. 

More details will be communicated to you in early Summer on specific department and program options, but know that no matter which option you choose, these things are certain:

  • Your health and safety remain paramount to all of our decision-making;
  • You will have access to high-quality Tandon education in the way that works best for you and your family;
  • You will have the opportunity to remain involved in the Tandon community both in person and remotely through events, activities, and updates.


Visit the NYU COVID-19 Information website for more information, view frequently asked questions, or reach out to the resources below to get more detailed information. 

Admitted undergraduate students Visit the admitted undergraduate student site or contact us.
Admitted graduate students Visit the admitted graduate student site or email engineering.gradinfo@nyu.edu.
Continuing undergraduate students Contact your departmental advisor.
Continuing graduate students Contact your graduate advisor.
Students interested in studying at another campus or site Undergraduate students can email tandonglobal@nyu.edu.
Graduate students can email engineering.gradinfo@nyu.edu.

If you still have questions, you can use your NYU email address to submit a specific question about the fall.