"Working in a biomedical research lab for a few years made me realize my interest in pursuing a higher degree. Committing to a full-time program and changing my life completely was not ideal, so I looked into part-time options. My employer, luckily, compensates for tuition costs and made my decision to seek additional education that much easier.

The next step was selecting a program. There were some online programs from prestigious universities that looked appealing and would easily fit into my schedule. However, going to school locally and physically attending class was an important factor for me. I like meeting my instructors and classmates in person, and hoped to attend events and use the universities facilities. So, I decided on the Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship program at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Becoming a student at the School of Engineering also meant I would gain access to class offerings in other Schools at NYU, one of the top educational institutions in New York City.

Another aspect of the degree that appealed to me was the broad range of courses. In addition to more traditional science classes, the BTE MS covers business management and patentability to provide a fuller understanding of the life science industry. Although my job is in a lab, I am involved with data management and analysis, rather than bench work. Since starting the Masters, I have become more familiar with the scientific concepts and analytic methods utilized by bench scientists that I work with. With an MS I have not only increased my knowledge, but also become more competent at my job. I know I am already a more valuable employee and will be a more competitive job applicant in the future."