"Beginning the Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship program in the fall of 2009, I immediately felt at home at NYU Poly and in New York City at large.  As an international student, I understood the importance of getting work experience in the U.S. and sought out internships.  

Luckily, there is a great network of professors looking to fill their labs with graduate students, and I secured a position with Professor Daniel Malamud, at NYU’s College of Dentistry.  Alongside Professor Malamud, we worked towards the development of point of care diagnostic tests.  The Biosensors and Biochips class focused a lot on the development of POC diagnostic tools, and it was great to take the knowledge out of the classroom and into the lab.  In my last semester at NYU Poly I took up a Graduate Assistantship position with Professor Mary Cowman, doing research in Atomic Force Microscopy.  Learning how to image Hyaluronan and TSG6 proteins was a great personal achievement and beneficial addition to my resume.

After graduating I was fortunate to get two job offers and decided to accept a position with Shire Pharmaceuticals in bioassay development and biomarker discovery.  Often I think back to my days in the Biotechnology and the Pharmaceutical Industry class, where I learned the step-by-step fundamentals to develop a drug from the medical need stage to clinical trials and approval.  The practical knowledge I gained from my semester-long project, identifying a new drug target and assaying for activity, prepared me for the lab work I do in my professional career.  Getting a MS in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship from NYU Poly was one of the best decisions I have ever made!"