"For me, like many other students, there were two characteristics I sought in my graduate program- educational value and job opportunities. I feel lucky having selected the MS in Biotechnology and living in New York is an added bonus.

So far my experience at the School of Engineering has been one filled with personal growth from improving my command of the English language to acquiring a knowledge of the Biotechnology industry. Every subject is so intriguing that my greatest problem has been trying to decide which area of Biotechnology I want to focus on. The courses are definitely challenging and I find myself enjoying the homework assignments which have helped me grasp the material discussed in lecture.

The professors are very knowledgeable and devoted to teaching. You can ask any questions or discuss almost anything, and they are so patient to repeat their explanations again and again until you truly get it. When I first arrived, my spoken English was horrible, but I managed to get a job at the Chemistry lab and as a result, I have made a lot of progress while gaining valuable experience. Interning during the course of the program is pretty typical for most students and with resource sharing across the University, we have access to some of the best labs and hardware. A lot of my friends work at NYU Medical Center and NYU Dental School, either as volunteers or in paid research positions.

Obtaining work in the U.S. is not easy, especially for international students, but NYU’s engineering program has trained me well. Right after graduation I got a job offer from a prestigious Medical School in NYC, where I am involved in cutting edge research."