NYU Tandon’s “Faculty-Engineers in Residence” Program Is Thriving

There are several advantages to being a tenant company in NYU Tandon’s network of Future Labs: office space in the heart of the fastest-growing tech hub in the country, access to an exceptionally talented and motivated pool of interns, introductions to new markets and sources of capital ... the list is a long one.

New Microreactor to Study Methane Clathrates

… A team of researchers at New York University Tandon School of Engineering are working to shed some light on this process [by which methane becomes transformed into clathrate] with a new microreactor. … The team, led by Ryan Hartman, an assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, has opted to use microfluidic systems for the reactor, small fluid channels confined to submillimeter geometries, meaning that fluids can be metered out, monitored, thermally controlled and reacted at levels of resolution that were once thought impossible.

Researchers Devise Microreactor to Study Formation of Methane Hydrate

Researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering are using a novel means of studying how methane and water form methane hydrate that allows them to examine discrete steps in the process faster and more efficiently.

Researchers Use Novel Microreactor To Study Formation of Methane Hydrate, an Icy Prison for Key Greenhouse Gas

BROOKLYN, New York – Researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering are using a novel means of studying how methane and water form methane hydrate that allows them to examine discrete steps in the process faster and more efficiently. 

Tandon Researchers Investigate Small-Scale Reactors with Big-Scale Potential

The industrial use of polyolefins — a class of polymer ubiquitous in food packaging, consumer goods, and other items — requires an enormous amount of time, space, and energy. In order to discover a new polymer, chemical engineers must laboriously screen hundreds of catalysts, with a typical campaign taking up to an entire year, and the chemical industry’s massive commercial facilities consume more electricity and generate more waste than almost any other sector in the nation.

NYU Tandon Future Labs Member Alexapath Chosen for Prestigious International Venture Competition

Alexapath, a startup company that turns smartphones into medical diagnostic and imaging tools, is one of four companies selected from the United States — and the only one from the Northeastern region — to attend Falling Walls Venture in Berlin, Germany.

'Robo-Chemist' Optimises Reactions in One Day

Jamie Durrani for Chemistry World October 28th, 2016


Researchers in the US have developed an automated flow reactor that can respond to the results of experiments and determine the optimum conditions for catalytic reactions within a single day. 

National Science Foundation Funds Methane Research With Potential for Greener Energy, Manufacturing

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Ryan Hartman is trying to solve the difficult problem of controlling methane’s carbon-hydrogen bonds at moderate temperatures — a problem which, if solved, could lead to greener energy, improve the manufacture of commodities, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, and perhaps even keep future intergalactic travelers healthy.

NYU Tandon Professor Accepts Leadership Posts in the Chemical Engineering World

Assistant Professor Ryan L. Hartman, who oversees the Flow Chemistry with Microsystems Laboratory at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, has been elected to a five-year term as the programming chair of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Catalysis and Reaction Engineering (CRE) division, the largest subgroup in the national organization.

Weiqi Chen Wins the Eirich Morawetz Prize

The Eirich Morawetz prize, funded from gifts received during the 1985 birthday celebrations of Professor Emeritus Herbert Morawetz and the late Professor Frederick Eirich is presented to the first-year graduate student with the highest academic record in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

Congratulations Weiqi!