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FITL Workshop Descriptions

FITL Training Workshops for Faculty and Staff

Getting Started with NYU Classes

Get to know NYU Classes, the new Learning Management System (LMS) in use at the School of Engineering. At this workshop, instructors will learn to build their NYU Classes course site to engage and communicate with students. Topics include:

  • Setting up and managing your course site
  • Posting a syllabus
  • Sharing documents and other content
  • Creating announcements
  • Reusing content from previous semesters

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Grading & Assessment with NYU Classes

In this workshop, instructors will learn to use NYU Classes course site tools to assess students, and track and communicate grades. Topics include:

  • Using the gradebook
  • Creating and grading assignments
  • Turnitin plagiarism checker integration
  • Gradebook best practices
  • Transferring final grades to Albert

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Building an Online Course Supplement

Developing your NYU Classes course site can extend the classroom to facilitate further student engagement, communication, and assessment.

This discussion-based workshop examines different teaching styles, and introduces strategies for customizing the online supplement to enhance your face-to-face course. Discussion will include current research and best practices for effective implementation of the LMS.

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Creating Online Content for Your Community

This workshop introduces online tools for engaging and communicating with non-academic communities such as departments, committees, programs, etc.

Topics include:

  • Choosing the best tool for your community
  • NYU Classes Project Sites
  • NYU Web Publishing
  • NYU Google Sites + Groups

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NYU Classes Essentials for Graduate Assistants

This workshop provides the essential tools for course assistants who are starting out with NYU Classes, including:

  • Using the Gradebook
  • Creating and grading Assignments
  • Turnitin plagiarism checker
  • Posting content

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Faculty Media Studio Tour

This informal tour introduces the Faculty Media Studio, a dedicated workspace for multimedia project development and collaboration with colleagues. Meet the Media Producer and learn about the services and projects available to faculty and staff, along with the Studio's top-of-the-line hardware and software. back to list

Web Conferencing for Classes and Events

This workshop will introduce users to the web conferencing and virtual classroom solutions available at NYU, whether you will be conducting webinars, holding online office hours or classes, or just meeting online. back to list

Lecture Capturing with BriteClass

Learn about BriteClass, the Lecture Capturing system being piloted at the School of Engineering that allows instructors to automatically record video, audio, and whiteboard content during class. This 1-hour workshop orients instructors on the lecture capture process from setup before class to monitoring student access and participation afterward. back to list

Teaching with the eno Interactive Board

The eno Interactive Whiteboard, available in 27 Smart Classrooms at the School of Engineering, allows instructors to create digital notes on the whiteboard, annotate over applications using the wireless stylus, and save all notes and annotations for future reference or to share with students. This workshop introduces components required to use the whiteboard and strategies for effective classroom use. back to list

Teaching with the SMART Podium Interactive Pen Display

The SMART Podium Interactive Pen Display, available in 14 Smart Classrooms, allows instructors to create digital notes, annotate over applications in virtual "ink," and save all annotations for future reference or to share with students. This workshop walks instructors through the use of the SMART Podium tablet and SMART Meeting Pro collaborative learning software, and introduces strategies for effective classroom use. back to list

Getting Started with the Student Response System

The Student Response System (SRS) allows instructors to poll students who respond using a clicker device or their smart phones or laptops using the ResponseWare app.

Beginning with an introduction to the software and hardware involved, this workshop covers preparing your system for teaching with the SRS, creating polls, and using the technology to enhance student engagement and learning. back to list

FITL Training Workshops for Faculty and Staff