Robert Albano

  • Industry Professor

Rutgers University




Journal Articles

  • Focus Magazine Number 6, “Delighting Your Customers While Making a Profit”, Bird, Albano, Townsend, 2006

  • Target Costing – Market Driven Product Design, Clifton, Bird, Albano and Townsand, Marcel-Dekker, 2004

  • “Introduction to Clean Room Technology” Course Text, Somerset County Technical Institute 1997

  • ASQC Conference, Invited talk, "Process Management Teams", Albano et. al. April, 1992

  • AT&T Technical Journal, "Manufacturing Execution", Albano et. al. July 1990

  • Trans. IEEE CHMT, "Design Transfer- Is It a process?", Albano and Keska, March, 1990

  • Rutgers University Management Forum, Invited Talk-"Implementing JIT/TQC", October, 1989

  • Patent “Galvanic Oxidation of GaAs in Neutral Peroxide-Alkaline Solutions” - No. 3781862

Research Interests

  • Applications of industrial engineering to services and non manufacturing industries

  • Distinguished Member of the Bell Laboratories Technical Staff