Edward Ziegler

Retired Faculty

Edward Ziegler

Journal Articles

  • Bhatt, B.L. and E.N. Ziegler, J.of the Inst. of Energy 54, 12-20, Mar (1981) Kinetics of Coal Hydrogenation.
  • Han, H-P and E.N. Ziegler, Envir. Prog. 3, 201-206 (1984), Effects of Chemical Composition of Coal on Fly Ash Resistivity and Performance in High Efficiency Electrostatic Precipitators.
  • Chiu, T.M. and E.N. Ziegler, AIChE J., 31, 1504-09 (1985), Relationships between Liquid Holdup and Heat Transfer Coefficient in Liquid-Solid and Three Phase Fluidized Beds.
  • Han, H.P. and E.N. Ziegler, Adv. in Envir. Sci. & Eng., 5, 94-141 (1986) Formation and Electrostatic Precipitation of Coal Fly Ash: Physical and Chemical Phenomena.
  • Ho, Tai and E.N. Ziegler, Adv. in Envir. Sci. & Eng., 5, 174-201 (1986) Fly Ash Particle Size Distributions and Their Effect on Cold-Side Electrostatic Precipitator Emissions.
  • Sutton, W.M. and E.N. Ziegler Intern. J. Environmental Studies, 52 , 207-241 (1997) NOx Control Strategies and Legislation

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, Taylor & Francis CRC. Publish., 6th Edition -  Articles Listed Below

  • E.N. Ziegler, Fossil Fuel Cleaning Processes, 1, 433-446 (2012).
  • Chiu, T.M. and E.N. Ziegler, Vapor & Gaseous Pollutant Fundamentals, 2, 1217-1246 (2012)
  • Ziegler, E.N.,. Mobile Source Pollution, 2, 733-744 (2012)
  • Sutton, M.W., and E.N. Ziegler, Nitrogen Oxide Reduction, 1, 775-796 (2012)
  • Farrell, R.J. and E.N. Ziegler, Coal Gasification Processes, 1, 165-168 (2012)
  • Sanderson, J. and E.N. Ziegler, Fluidized Bed Combustion, 1, 402-410 (2006)
  • Quig, R., T. Granger, R.J. Farrell and E.N. Ziegler, Planning for New Processes: Environmental Aspects, 2, 1009-1020 (2012)

Authored/Edited Books

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, 6th Edition, Edward N. Ziegler, Editors 2012  Taylor & Francis CRC Group Publishers Boca Raton Fl. USA

Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology, 3rd Ed.     James R. Pfafflin, Edward Ziegler & Joseph Lynch  2007 Taylor & Francis Rutledge Group Publishers London, UK

Research Interests

Air pollution control engineering