Amber Benezra ,

Director of Science and Technology Studies, Industry Assistant Professor

Amber Benezra

Amber Benezra is an anthropologist researching how studies of human microbiota intersect with biomedical ethics and public health/technological infrastructures. She is developing an "anthropology of microbes" to address global health problems across disciplines.

Her research focuses on the biological, ethical, and social imperatives emerging from studies of human microbiota at the intersection of care and scientific knowledge.

Her forthcoming book from University of Minnesota Press, Anthrobiota: Coevolving an Anthropology of Microbes, is the first ethnography of microbes. Based on fieldwork at the Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology at Washington University, and in Dhaka, Bangladesh, it uses studies of the microbiome to think through global health policy and translational research on malnutrition in South Asia.

New School for Social Research 2014
Ph.D., Sociocultural Anthropology

New School for Social Research 2007
MA, Anthropology

New School for Social Research 2000
MA, Media Studies and Film

Carnegie Mellon University 1996
BA, Literary and Cultural Studies/Creative Writing