Abdullah Kurkcu ,

  • Research Associate / Systems Engineer


Short Bio

Abdullah Kurkcu is responsible for leading transportation research projects and developing web-based data management solutions at the center. He completed his Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering at NYU and previously received his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Istanbul University and master's degree in Transportation Engineering from Florida State University. His research interests include traffic modeling and calibration, alternative traffic data collection systems, big data and analytics, GPS-based transportation data analysis, incident and emergency management, wireless sensor networks, social media analytics and transportation geography.


  • 2018,   Ph.D., Transportation Engineering, New York University
  • 2012,   M.Eng., Transportation Engineering, Florida State University
  • 2008,   B.S., Civil Engineering, Istanbul University

Research and Working Interests

  • Alternative Transportation Data Collection Methods
  • Machine Learning
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Graphich & Web Design
  • GIS Application in Transportation
  • Transportation Informatics/Data Analytics
  • Big Data & Social Media Analytics
  • Wireless Sensor Applications & Networks
  • Simulation Modelling and Calibration
  • Bekir Bartin, Kaan Ozbay, Jingqin Gao, Abdullah Kurkcu (2018), Calibration and validation of large-scale traffic simulation networks: a case study, Procedia Computer Science, Volume 130 Pages 844-849.
  • Abdullah Kurkcu, Kaan Ozbay (2017), Estimating Pedestrian Densities, Wait Times, and Flows Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Sensors, 96th TRB Annual Conference (CD-ROM), Washington, D.C., January, 2016.  Journal of Transportation Research Record, (Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Monitoring (ABJ35)).
  • Kun Xie, Kaan Ozbay, Abdullah Kurkcu, Hong Yang (2017), Analysis of Traffic Crashes Involving Pedestrians using Big Data: Investigation of Contributing Factors and Identification of Hotspots, Risk Analysis , Volume 37 Issue 8 Pages 1459-1476 ISSN 1539-6924 DOI 10.1111/risa.12785.
  • Ender Faruk Morgul, Kaan Ozbay, Abdullah Kurkcu (2016), Application of Bayesian Stochastic Learning Automata for Modeling Lane Choice Behavior in SR-167 HOT Lanes, 95th TRB Annual Conference (CD-ROM), Washington, D.C., January, 2016.  Journal of Transportation Research Record, (Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics (AHB45)).
  • Abdullah Kurkcu, Ender Faruk Morgul, Kaan Ozbay (2015), Extended Implementation Methodology for Virtual Sensors: Web-based Real Time Transportation Data Collection and Analysis for Incident Management, 94th TRB Annual Conference (CD-ROM), Washington, D.C., January 2015.  Journal of Transportation Research Record, (Information Systems and Technology Committee (ABJ50)).
  • Ender Faruk Morgul, Hong Yang, Abdullah Kurkcu, Kaan Ozbay, Bekir Bartin, Camille Kamga, R. Salloum  (2014), Virtual Sensors: A Web-based Real-Time Data Collection Methodology for Transportation Operation Performance Analysis, Transportation Research Board 93rd Annual Meeting, Washington D. C., January 12-16, 2014 Journal of Transportation Research Record, (Travel Time, Speed and Reliability Joint Subcommittee (ABJ30(3)).


  • Abdullah Kurkcu, Kaan Ozbay (2018), Analytical Modeling of Information Dissipation in Urban Arterials with Connected Vehicles, Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting, Washington DC, United States, January 7-11, 2018.
  • Fan Zuo, Abdullah Kurkcu, Kaan Ozbay, Jingqin Gao (2018), Crowdsourcing Incident Information for Emergency Response Using Open Data Sources in Smart Cities, Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting, Washington DC, United States, January 7-11, 2018.
  • Jingqin Gao, Kaan Ozbay, Fan Zuo, Abdullah Kurkcu (2018), A Life-Cycle Cost-Analysis Approach for Emerging Intelligent Transportation Systems with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting, Washington DC, United States, January 7-11, 2018.
  • Abdullah Kurkcu, Fan Zuo, Jingqin Gao, Ender Faruk Morgul, Kaan Ozbay (2017), Crowdsourcing Incident Information for Disaster Response Using Twitter, 96th TRB Annual Conference (CD-ROM), Washington, D.C., January, 2016. , (Standing Committee on Information Systems and Technology (ABJ50)).
  • Abdullah Kurkcu, Fabio Miranda, Kaan Ozbay, Claudio T. Silva (2017), Data Visualization Tool for Monitoring Transit Operation and Performance, 5th IEEE International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS) .
  • Abdullah Kurkcu, Kaan Ozbay, Kuo Ren  (2017), Investigating Transit Passenger Arrivals using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Sensors, 12th ITS European Congress ITS Beyond Borders, Strasbourg, France 19-22 June 2017.
  • Abdullah Kurkcu, Kaan Ozbay  (2017), A Hierarchical Clustering Based Travel Time Estimation Model in a Connected Vehicle Environment, International Conference on Intelligent Traffic and Transportation (ICITT), Zurich, Switzerland 1-3 September 2017, Best Presentation/Paper Award.
  • Abdullah Kurkcu, Fan Zuo, Jingqin Gao, Kaan Ozbay (2017), Simulation Based Quantificaiton of the Potential Impacts of Incidents on Connected Vehicle Applications, INFORMS Transportation and Logistics Society First Triennial Conference Loyola University Chicago, USA 26-29 July 2017.
  • Abdullah Kurkcu, Kaan Ozbay, Ender Faruk Morgul (2016), Evaluating Usability of Geo-located Twitter as a Tool for Human Activity and Mobility Patterns: Case Study for New York City, 95th TRB Annual Conference (CD-ROM), Washington, D.C., January, 2016. , (Information Systems and Technology).
  • Neveen Shlayan, Abdullah Kurkcu, Kaan Ozbay (2016), Exploring Pedestrian Bluetooth and WiFi Detection at Public Transportation Terminals, 19th IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, Brazil 2016.

  • Regional Traffic Impact Study for T100.321: Newark Bay-Hudson County Extension (NBHCE), Milepost N6.00 to N8.20 Bridge Deck Reconstruction Eastbound and Seismic Retrofit, Jan 5, 2016.
  • Highway Repair Consolidation Feasibility Report, (Project No. 2012 08 New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)).
  • BSM (+BMM) Data Emulator - Estimating Transportation Measures Using Connected Vehicle Messages, February 2016.
  • Real-time Estimation of Transit Origin-Destination Patterns and Delays Using Low-Cost Ubiquitous Advanced Technologies, (Region II UTRC) July 25, 2016.

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