Fall 2020 Career Fair

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FOR EMPLOYERS interested in engaging with NYU Tandon students:

NYU Tandon will be hosting two weeks of virtual Fall Career Recruitment events from September 8-18, 2020:

  • September 8-14, 2020 | Virtual Info Sessions: Live employer presentations to discuss their internship/entry level roles & student/recent grad programs (employers may select the date/time, 30-60 minutes recommended) 
  • September 14-18, 2020 | Virtual Career Fairs - Employers have access to five (5) different virtual career fair events, during which they will be able to meet with students 1-on-1 via video chat. 

This series of recruitment events has been designed to provide an opportunity to all Tandon students & recent grads to meet with employers and discuss internship and job opportunities. 

Schedule: link to text version in caption
see below for text version of schedule

Employer Registration via Google Form

Click here for the PDF version


What is the Employer Expo?

This is an opportunity for our employer partners to host a one-hour info session for NYU Tandon  students to learn about the company, available roles and ideal candidate profiles (internship/or jobs). 

  • We will coordinate logistics with you once you’ve signed up 
  • It is not mandatory to host an info session but we highly encourage it so your target audience will have a better understanding of your company and desired profiles

How does the Virtual Career Fair Work?

From Sept 14-18, we will host a Diversity Session at the beginning of each Career Fair (9-10 AM) followed by a General Session open to your target Tandon audience (10AM-1PM).

  • What platform will this be on? We use a platform called Brazen for the Career Fair.
  • What do I need to do? Select which career fair(s) suits your talent needs best. If you are looking to hire  We will create a virtual booth (which will include your logo, company information, website, open roles). You will receive a link to access your booth prior to the event. On the day of the event, students virtually line up to chat on a first-come, first-serve basis, much like a regular career fair. Employers are encouraged to bring multiple reps, so you may want to ensure that you have appropriate staffing for the day of the event
  • How many reps can we have? You can have up to 5 reps
  • Chat Duration: Each chat with a student last 10 minutes and may be text or video based

Can we engage with Tandon students in additional ways? 

Request a virtual coffee chat, tech talks, career panels or other stand alone recruitment events by filling out this Employer Event Interest Form

QUESTIONS? Email us at

NYU TANDON STUDENTS: you will receive emails regarding the events and registrations in early September



Text Version of Career Fair Schedule:


Monday, 9/7/2020: Labor Day

Tuesday, 9/8/2020: Employer Information Session

Wednesday, 9/9/2020: Employer Information Session

Thursday, 9/10/2020: Employer Information Session

Friday, 9/11/2020: Employer Information Session

Monday, 9/14/2020: Employers hiring construction and civil engineering majors

Tuesday, 9/15/2020: Employers hiring life sciences, bio/chemical engineering, health majors

Wednesday, 9/16/2020: Employers hiring banking/finance, consulting, design, user experience/interface majors

Thursday, 9/17/2020: Employers hiring mechanical, automotive, robotics, aerospace majors

Friday: 9/18/2020: Employers hiring tech, computer science/engineering, software majors and general session