Donna | NYU Tandon School of Engineering



"I joined the School of Engineering in the fall of 2008 as a part-time student in the Masters of Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship program. Although I had a full-time position in the financial district, I enrolled with the hopes of a career and industry change. Attending classes with my work schedule was easy, as most were held in early afternoon or in the evening, and it allowed me enough time to interact with my peers after the lecture. Despite the fact that a majority of my class-mates were fresh from University and at a different stage of their careers, I met a number of like-minded people. We had fun exchanging ideas, thoughts and expectations for the future. The courses were filled with interesting and relevant topics, and I believe they prepared me well for the change I was looking for.

The School of Engineering provided us with plenty of opportunities but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to make your own connections and build a network. I have been successful in leveraging these connections by knowing where I want to be in the future. This program definitely opened my eyes to different careers and avenues that I would never have imagined if I stayed at my previous position. Since I knew I wanted to run a company, rather than experiments, I went on to explore the business side of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology world. Currently, I work as a strategist at a NYC-based consulting firm, focused on the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry. Every day is a new challenge, and I'm constantly meeting new people and learning new things about the industry."