Students in the Integrated Digital Media program choose their core requirements in consultation with their advisor. Courses are divided into these main groups, with experimental courses offered as special topics based on student and faculty interest.


DM 1123 Visual Foundation Studio
DM 2163 Still and Moving Images
DM 2173 Motion Graphics Studio

3D Graphics

DM 2133 3D Modeling
DM 3133 3D Animation
DM 4133 3D for Interactive Applications


DM 2123 Narrative Cinema
DM 3123 Documentary Cinema
DM 4123 Experimental Cinema

Digital Photography

DM 2183 Contemporary Techniques in Digital Photography and Imaging
DM 3813 Photography and Words


DM 1113 Audio Foundation Studio
DM 2113 Sound Design for Media
DM 3113 Contemporary Techniques in Sound Art


DM 1133 Creative Coding

Game Development 
DM 2153 Intro to Game Development
DM 3153 Media in Game Design and Development
DM 4153 Experimental Game Narratives


DM 2193 Intro to Web Development
DM 3193 Dynamic Web Applications

Mobile Application Development

DM 4193 Mobile Application Development

MD 2314 Interactive Narrative


DM 1143 Ideation & Prototyping
DM 2143 Interaction Design Studio


Other Courses

DM 4003 Senior Project in Digital Media
DM 4034 Internship
DM 4173 Professional Practices
DM 4911 Special Topics in Digital Media
DM 4913 Special Topics in Digitla Media