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iTravel and Expense

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As part of the University’s iTravel & Expense go-live on October 30, we would like to share some important deadlines and updates for:

  • AP Workflow Shutdown - Expense submissions due October 13, 5:00 pm
  • Discontinuance of NYU American Express (AMEX) Card Program
  • Distribution of New P-Cards and Corporate Travel Account Cards (CTA)
  • Book Travel through Concur starting October 30
  • iTravel Resources & Support

These updates will be also shared by Tandon Finance at various iTravel presentations to faculty and administrators throughout Tandon during October (dates TBA).

AP Workflow Shutdown

AP Workflow will be shut down and replaced by Concur for processing of expense reimbursements:

  • Deadline to submit expense reimbursements and reconcile any open advances in AP Workflow is Friday, October 13, 5:00 pm. 
  • Expense reimbursements not submitted by Friday, October 13, will need to wait until iTravel goes live on October 30 to submit in Concur iTravel.
  • There is an expense reimbursement blackout period from Oct 14 to Oct 29 as AP Workflow is replaced by Concur. No expense reimbursements can be submitted during the blackout period.
  • Expense reimbursement approvers must approve all expense reimbursements submitted in AP Workflow by Friday, October 27 at 5:00 pm.  Any expense reimbursements not approved by October 27 must be re-submitted in Concur iTravel beginning October 30.

No Advance Reimbursement

Employees should pay for business travel with a T&E card or department CTA card. If you use your personal credit card to pay for travel expenses, you must wait until after the trip is completed in order to submit reimbursement. The university is no longer reimbursing for travel costs charged to a personal credit card in advance of a trip. The Concur system will block all advance reimbursement submissions which means No exception will be accepted by the system.

Discontinuance of NYU American Express (AMEX) Corporate Card Program

  • AMEX cards will be replaced by Bank of America T&E cards for the payment of employee travel costs and incidentals, as well as local entertaining. 
  • New T&E cards will be University liability and will be paid directly by NYU.
  • AMEX cardholders will receive a new NYU T&E card between October 13 to October 27. Your department manager/ administrator will communicate T&E card distribution details.
  • After October 13, the University will no longer make payments to AMEX. Remaining AMEX charges will need to be entered into Concur on or after October 30 for reimbursement. Employees will be responsible for paying AMEX directly.
  • AMEX holders may keep the AMEX card for personal use but will be responsible for paying any charges directly.
  • If you would like to cancel your AMEX card, you can do that directly with AMEX or inform to request for the NYU Payment Card Team to cancel.

Distribution of New Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) and Corporate Travel Account Cards (CTA)

  • New P-Card & CTA cards will be distributed October 13 to October 27. Your department manager/ administrator will communicate P-Card and CTA card distribution details.
  • Last day to use current P-Cards and CTA cards is October 29. October payment card reconciliations must be completed by November 7. Current P-Cards and CTA cards will be phased out during November.
  • Starting October 30, new P-Cards and CTA cards should be used for purchases.

Travel Booking

  • Starting October 30, all travel booking should occur through the Concur Homepage (replaces Egencia).  Egencia will be disabled on October 30, so any itineraries or receipts in Egencia should be downloaded and saved before October 30. Travelers should communicate directly with airline/hotel/train/car service for questions on bookings.
  • You must ensure that your legal first and last name in PeopleSync matches the government-issued ID that you present for travel. Your legal first and last name in PeopleSync will be used to update your traveler profile in Concur. You will need to manually enter your travel information (frequent flyer numbers, Known Traveler Number (KTN), hotel or car loyalty numbers..etc) into your Concur travel profile since the information will not be ported over from Egencia.
  • Flights, hotels, cars can be booked and modified through Concur Homepage but if you need travel booking assistance, Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP)  is NYU’s new travel management company.  CTP is expected to provide better service and pricing, and can assist with complex itineraries. CTP can be reached at or 888-551-6203 or 402-252-5505.
  • For travel occurring after Nov 2023, please try to wait until Oct 30 to book in Concur.
  • Delegates can be set-up to arrange travel and help with preparing expense reports (note: delegates can help prepare expense reports but can not submit).
  • Tandon does not require pre-trip approvals (except when requesting a cash advance).

iTravel Resources and Support