Brian Casey

President & CEO, SourceOne Inc.

Brian Casey, a leading utility industry expert, is President and CEO of SourceOne. Co-founder of the company, he is responsible for its overall management and technical efforts.

Before joining SourceOne, he served as an account executive at Boston Edison Company and held positions at R.W. Beck and Commonwealth Energy Company. Casey focuses on critical infrastructure assessment and on reliability, successfully negotiating contracts with more than 40 utilities, including NSTAR, PG&E, SOCAL, TXU, Virginia Power, PEPCO, Consolidated Edison, and the Southern Company. Under Casey’s direction, SourceOne developed and managed several high-profile energy projects, including One Bryant Park’s CHP facility, NYU’s district energy system, Biogen Idec’s Distributed Generation project, and several New York Power Authority project. Named to Governor Romney’s Task force on Electric Reliability in the aftermath of the August 2003 blackout, he is the recipient of the Accolade Award from The Archon Group, a Goldman Sachs Company, awarded for superior service in utility and energy management.

A member of the Northeast Energy and Commerce Association, dedicated to the development of competitive energy resources, Casey actively participated in the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunication and Energy’s request for the presentation and findings on the deregulation of Metering, Billing and Information Systems.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Power Systems & Delivery from Northeastern University.

Northeastern University

Bachelor of Science Degree, Electrical Engineering w/concentration Power Systems & Delivery