Brett Joseph - Graduate Student Profile | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Brett Joseph - Graduate Student Profile

An energetic, philanthropic “serial entrepreneur” who donates a portion of his proceeds to charity, Joseph started his path to innovation and success in a graduate program at the School of Engineering.

Brett Joseph began a career in finance but dreamed of forging his own path, outside the box. A Master’s in Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship from the School of Engineering allowed him to learn from mentors, advisors and teachers while interacting hands-on with local business owners. Studying their models from practical, marketing and industry perspectives gave Brett the experience to create startups in diverse areas, such as helping a network of other budding entrepreneurs afford the service needs of small companies and promoting AIDS awareness through clever contraceptive marketing.

He also donated some profit from a venture that made drinks cheaper for college students to a charity building drinking wells in Africa.

With a foundation from the School of Engineering, Brett is realizing the future he expected from himself, “disrupting” old ideas and rebuilding them to be more efficient and effective for the betterment of society.

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