Announcement about changes in the curriculum requirement of MS in Computer Engineering | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Announcement about changes in the curriculum requirement of MS in Computer Engineering

Ramesh Karri, Director of MS in Computer Engineering 8/28/2013

The ECE Faculty has approved the following revised course requirement for the MS/CE program, effective Fall 2013. The revised curriculum will be submitted for approval by the university faculty in its first faculty meeting in Fall 2013. The MS/CE curriculum on the university online catalog will remain the same as before until the approval, which is expected to happen no later than end of October 2013.

Curriculum- Computer Engineering, MS

One must complete a total of 30 credits, as described below, with an overall average of B, to earn a Master of Science in Computer Engineering degree at NYU-­‐Poly. In addition, a B average is required in the courses listed in Group 1 and Group 2 below. At least 15-­‐of-­‐30 credits should be graduate ECE credits (EL numbered courses).

Group 1 (6 credits): Required Courses

  • EL 5473 Introduction to VLSI System Design.
  • CS 6133 Computer Architecture I.

Group 2 (21 credits): Other graduate ECE and CSE courses (courses with EL and CS prefixes). With advisor approval up to two courses pertinent to computer engineering can be taken from other departments at NYU.

Group 3 (3 credits) Project requirement: One 3-­‐credit advanced project in ECE/CSE (EL9953 or CS9963) is required. With advisor approval, this may be replaced by another course if the student demonstrates that he/she has taken at least three project credits in other courses.

MS Thesis Option (6 credits): A thesis in ECE/CSE (EL997x/CS9976) may be selected to replace the 3-­‐credit Advanced Project and a course from Group 2 above.

Transfer credits: No more than 9 of the 30 REQUIRED credits may be taken outside NYU-­‐Poly. Also, such OUTSIDE credits are not used in computing the GPA. If some courses are waived because they were taken in an undergraduate program or received transfer credits, adviser-­‐approved substitute courses are used to calculate the GPA.

Effective dates: The changes are effective in Fall 2013 for both new students and students entered before Fall 2013. However, students who entered before Fall 2013 have the option to follow the previous curriculum.