Francisco Rubio joined the MSFE program to follow his passion for the financial market cultivated by his well-established aptitude for solving complex mathematical problems. Francisco has vast experience in the academic field of finance, having taught several graduate and undergraduate financial courses and published several peer-reviewed articles since completing his Ph.D. in Financial Economics in 2013. Francisco is drawn to solving advanced mathematical problems, both analytically and computationally via numerical methods; Francisco has strong computational skills, which are vital in his current position as a Sales and Trading Intern.

Francisco has taken full advantage of NYU’s FRE department courses on Stochastic Calculus, Computational Finance Labs (including big data), and Machine Learning taught by world-class faculty. In addition, Francisco has maintained active participation in extracurricular activities offered by NYU. He has benefitted from the FRE’s department's in-house career services, including networking opportunities and corporate presentations. In addition, he served as Managing Director of the FRE’s department Bulls and Bears student club, data science department.

Francisco is currently working as a Sales and Trading intern at StoneX Group Inc. (formerly known as INTLFCStone Financial Inc.) in New York City, where he is a liaison between the trading desk and the development team. Francisco has been working on updating the desk’s support systems to state of the art Python-based apps, overlooking the coding of both back-end and front-end frameworks; main projects include developing a system to help the convertible desk keep track of its open interests, a CMBS custom pool prepayment speed calculator, a machine learning approach to classifying loan/pool penalty descriptions, among others.

Industry experts and fellow FRE students can connect with Francisco directly at