Aisha Ballie | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Aisha Ballie

The School of Engineering students are constantly evolving, transforming and experiencing new things that lead their lives down exciting and sometimes unexpected paths. Graduate student Aisha Ballie found this to be exactly the case.

Originally harboring plans to enter the medical field, her studies began in biology. As she became more exposed to other facets of biology, however, her interest diversified into biotechnology until finally evolving into technology and business. While Aisha earned her MS Management of Technology at the School of Engineering, a unique and specialized program that bridges both management and technology, she found that she wanted to learn even more about business and finance, inspiring her to pursue her MBA from the Institute as well.

Currently a business analyst at UBS, one of the biggest names in finance worldwide, the breadth of experience and hands-on education she received at the School of Engineering has helped her secure a future in a field she feels passionately about. In fact, Aisha credits the School of Engineering with so much of her success that she mentors current students, guiding them toward their own perfect fits and inspiring them to experiment beyond their preconceived paths.