Virtual Production: Remote Multi-User Collaboration & Content Creation In The Unreal Engine

Virtual Production

Date: TBD

With advances in the game engine technology, an emerging ecosystem of remote collaboration tools, and an imperative for filmmakers and content producers to develop new ways of working, we are at an inflection point for virtual production.

For the uninitiated, “virtual production” encompasses already widely adopted pre-vis and post-vis techniques as well as a new wave of scalable realtime 3D techniques used to pull off next-level CG in large-scale efforts such as The Lion King and The Mandalorian, and remote/multi-user collaboration tools relevant for many more size/types of productions.

This flexible two-week online intensive is designed to help digital filmmakers, content directors, producers, and technologists identify the types of virtual production tools, techniques, and skills that are most relevant to their projects, pipelines, and newfound production challenges. The course will be taught in a series of lectures, demos, workshops, and assignments, and result in timely knowledge and know-how for content creators using or just digging into Unreal Engine.

Led by RLab Technical Director and award-winning creator Todd Bryant (Snap Partner Summit, Childish Gambino Phar0s II, Neurospeculative Afrofeminism, Giant) this RLab intensive teaches the ropes of virtual production for a new generation of content technologists -- including both immediately applicable remote / multi-user collaboration techniques and scalable practices for short- and long-form work. 

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Key Takeaways

Identify the different flavors of virtual production and the techniques/types that fit your filmmaking process or content strategy

Understand the virtual production pipeline/workflows and how they are used in a range of productions from previs to final pixel and understand the benefits and technology/skill requirements to evolve your pipeline

Learn multi-user collaboration techniques to facilitate working in real-time with remote teams from brainstorming to in-engine production

Use consumer augmented reality enabled devices to control virtual cameras to capture film quality computer generated scenic compositions.

Work with remote-accessible performance capture technologies to generate bespoke animations for avatars in both a pre recorded and live capture environment

Learn how to navigate and identify useful assets and environments to use for virtual sets and manipulate them to fit your story.

Who Should Attend?

Independent Filmmakers - Directors; Producers, Exec Producers; Technical Directors; Cinematographers; VFX artists/supervisors

Networks & Media Companies- Content Development Executive; Director of Video; Technical Director; Interactive Producer; Creative Production Manager; Directors of Emerging Technology and Innovation

Creative Studios / Experience Design Firms- Producer, Executive Producer; Technical Director; Media Production; Content Director; Creative Technologist; Technical Producer

Corporate/Brand - Producers, Exec Producers; Creative Technologists; Chief Content Officer, Creative Production Manager; Emerging Technology and Innovation Directors

Agency - Producers, Exec Producers; Directors of Content Production, Integrated Production; Emerging Technology and Innovation Directors

Educators - Film/media production teachers and instructional designers

Schedule / Components

Start Date: TBD

10 am All course material goes live including Week 1 and 2 content, summarized below. Please note scheduled (optional) live sessions in bold.

Week 1

  • Intro to Virtual Production 

    • Lectures on the history, types/applications, and contemporary examples

  • Collaborative Brainstorming

    • Optional live Miro workshop webinar (DATE TBD) 

    • Hands-On Project: Moodboarding assignment

  • Game Engines

    • Intro to Unreal, UE4 style guide, Version Control

    • Hands-On Project: Connect to SVN (open-source centralized version control system)

Week 2

  • World Creation

    • Epic Games Marketplace

  • Multi-User Collaboration 

    • Optional live demo webinar (DATE TBD) 

  • World Building in VR

    • Demo: Rearranging pre-built sets 

    • Hands-On Project: Rearrange your own set

  • Characters

    • Importing Motion Capture

    • Hands-On Project: import your own characters

  • Multi-User Editing 

    • Optional live workshop webinar on (DATE TBD) 

  • Making the Scene

    • Demos (Cameras; Animations)

  • Virtual Production Performance Capture 

    • Live from RLab workshop webinar on (DATE TBD), including:

      • Virtual Camera

      • Live motion capture

      • Streaming Optitrack Data

      • Live Take Recorder

Technical Requirements & Prerequisites