3D Capture: Scanning Techniques, Workflows & Applications

3D Capture Scanning Techniques Workflows and Applications

Date: TBD

A deep dive into the universe of 3D scanning and the wide range of applications for this technology. Whether your work focuses on storytelling, art, retail, merchandising, product design, or brand marketing, in this workshop, you will be exposed to all sorts of ways volumetric data can create and enhance an experience.

During this online intensive, we will go over multiple projects created by capturing volumetric data from the real world and placing it in the digital one with techniques such as photogrammetry, laser scanning, and computer vision. RLab’s 3D Scanning Intensive will take participants through not only the tools, but also the optimization methods for 3D scanned content so that these assets can be displayed in various platforms such as WebGL, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D printing.

Participants will have the opportunity to create 3D scans of different objects, and will also get hands-on experience with prototyping a project for the web and augmented reality.

Taught by new media artist / creative technologist Michelle Hessel with guest artist Woraya (Mint) Boonyapanachoti, this online workshop is designed in a flexible one-week format and will offer inspiration and important insights on current and future applications for 3D scanning.

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Who Should Attend

Designers (UX/Interaction/Experience)

Content producer (News, Publishing, E-commerce)

Producers / Interactive Producers (Advertising, Brand, TV/Web/App)

Product managers

Product designer

Educators/Ed-tech specialists


Course Highlights

A brief intro to 3D: How is 3D content different from 2D? What is volumetric data?

The theory behind 3D scanning: How is 3D scanning different from 3D modeling, what are the areas it is currently being used? (architecture, prosthetics, art, etc.)

Current Tools for 3D scanning: What are the tools out there? When to use what?

Pipeline for asset creation: Photogrammetry workflow (covering Metashape and Reality Capture)

Tweaking your assets: What is a point cloud? What is a mesh? Texture files? Polygon count? Why do these things matter and how to work with it?

Pipeline for asset optimization: How to manipulate your 3D scanned assets and optimize for 3D printing, VR, web, and mobile experiences

Prototyping an experience: How to incorporate 3D scanned content in your practice? (Snapchat Lens Studio demo)


Friday, November 6th TBD

10 am All course material goes live including:

Tuesday, November 10th TBD

6:30 PM-8:30 PM (EST): Live Online Show and Tell Webinar w/ instructor and artist Q&A

Monday, November 16 TBD

6:30 PM-8:30 PM (EST) Bookable Office Hours - Optimization

Thursday, November 19 TBD

6:30 PM-8:30 PM (EST) Live Webinar Final Presentations

  • 5 lecture videos (approx 5 hours of content) covering:
    • Introduction to 3D & 3D Scanning
    • Photogrammetry - Introduction & Demo
    • Introduction to methods of optimization and manipulation of 3D scanned assets (mesh, texture, polygon count, how to prepare assets for web)
    • Introduction to AR
    • AR Prototyping Demo with 3D content
      • 3 assignments


  • WiFi ready laptop (Mac or PC)
  • Comfortable with a fast-paced learning environment and openness to trying new tools
  • Interest in 3D
  • Smartphone