Meet Raksha Ravimohan

The course in UX design definitely set my career and I have been utilizing UX principles in all my projects since then.

Raksha Ramivohan


How would you describe your online learning experience?

I took the media law online course and found it to be really effective. I took some classes from the comfort of my home and the professors made sure that everyone's questions were answered and we interacted well even while being remote. It helped us share links, resources and presentations easily while we were all online. My overall experience was good with the course.


What inspired you to pursue a Master's Degree in Integrated Design & Media?

During my undergrad education in Computer Science, I learned some latest technologies in Web Development, Machine Learning and Computer Networks. But as student developers, we create products that we like and not necessarily the ones that solve the customer’s problems. In order to understand the user's perspective, I decided to pursue further studies in UX design and I found a great course at NYU! New York City has always been amazing for me. I was excited to learn at a reputed school and make use of the opportunities that the city has to offer.


What set the integrated design & media program at NYU apart from others you considered?

IDM was different from the other courses that focused on just HCI/UX design because it allowed me to explore different creative avenues like Cinema, XR and Game Design. I had been passionate about working for entertainment and I finally got a chance to get my foot in the door. I know I wouldn’t have made short videos on my own without the support of creative leaders!


Which courses in the program made the biggest impact for you, and why?

Every course that I took was completely based on my interest and helped me learn a different skill. The course in UX design definitely set my career and I have been utilizing UX principles in all my projects since then. Creative Coding helped me prototype out of the box ideas, Game Design helped me learn about human behavior and the Ideation class helped refine my perspective on Design.


What specific skills or mindset did you develop here which were pivotal to your career?

Along with UX Design Skills, I learned tools like Adobe InDesign and InVision and programming concepts in p5.js and Processing. I learned about design critique, research methodologies, prototyping, business, and legal perspectives which gave me an all-around knowledge that will be useful in product development throughout my career.