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Why Integrated Design & Media?

Since 2004, Integrated Design & Media (IDM) has been NYU Tandon’s design and critical media program. IDM nurtures a convergence of expertise through experimental creative practice, technical acumen, and rigorous process. Working at the intersection of technology, culture, and society, our program explores a spectrum of digital media practices including UX/UI design, physical computing, interaction design, human-computer interfaces, data visualization, game design, and arts research. We utilize these technologies in support of human values and interdependence, applying them to projects that promote equity and equality.

Integrated Design & Media consists of four building blocks: image (2D or 3D graphics, animation, video or photography), sound, text (storytelling/narrative or messaging) and interactivity (programming or physical computing). Students can combine these four building blocks in a myriad of ways that inform their curiosity and career goals to create mobile applications, websites, games, human-computer interfaces, virtual and augmented reality, interactive media installations, performances, social media campaigns, branding and much more.

Although our students come from many backgrounds, almost all are "T-shaped" individuals. To be T-shaped a person must have breadth (the ability to collaborate with experts across disciplines or to apply knowledge in areas of expertise other than one's own) and depth (expertise in a single field).

About IDM

The world of design and media is growing exponentially

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Integrated Design Student Projects


IDM Research Publications

Check out Integrated Media students and research publications.

IDM Showcase 2019 Integrated Design


IDM Thesis Showcase 19'

Check out our Integrated Design & Media students 2019 showcase their thesis projects in the areas of: Print, Installation, VR/AR/MR, Interactive Design, UX/UI/App, Performance, and more.

Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (BxmC) Integrated Design


The Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (BxmC)

The BxmC provides an interdisciplinary environment for media research at NYU Tandon, partnering faculty and students from the Integrated Design & Media program with collaborators from across NYU, New York City, and beyond.

 Integrated Design & Media MicroMasters EdX


Integrated Design & Media MicroMasters with edX

This MicroMasters program serves as an introduction to the ideology and experience of the IDM Masters program through an integration of theory (Theories of Media and Technology), social implications (Media Law) and practice (Creative Coding).

Research Areas and Outreach

Our faculty include leading artists, designers, developers and performers who passionately engage in professional work and research at the intersection of engineering and creative practice.

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Interaction Design

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